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Discussion threads (by date)

Micro Web Server
2.1 KB
13 Mar 2003
Here is a web server that works quite well and can be run from just about any machine. It's not only fast, but its also small so it's easy to enhance.
author: [unknown]
Discussion posts: 6. Latest by: mpuvyo on 26-Feb.
Telnet protcol scheme
4.8 KB
6 May 2003
A telnet protocol scheme
author: Frank Sievertsen
Discussion posts: 10. Latest by: marosol on 26-Feb.
Eztwain Support
2.5 KB
6 May 2006
Support image grabs from webcam using commercial eztwain library.
author: Graham Chiu
Discussion posts: 16. Latest by: marosol on 25-Feb.
The Kasper Program
2.1 KB
13 Jun 2008
Please Ingri (my sister, the dog owner)
author: [unknown]
Discussion posts: 32. Latest by: hallyhaa on 24-Feb.
Parse ini file
2.2 KB
15 Apr 2009
Parses a Window's ini file. Also a function to find entries in a parsed ini file
author: Sunanda
Discussion posts: 37. Latest by: marosol on 23-Feb.
Format Decimal
624 bytes
20 Aug 2010
Converts decimal numbers formatted in scientific notation to decimal notation.
author: nick
Discussion posts: 14. Latest by: marosol on 23-Feb.
pluginable analog alarm clock
3.5 KB
20 Sep 2004
aproximate an analog clock and add alarm
author: Tom Conlin
Discussion posts: 39. Latest by: marosol on 23-Feb.
Text-List Cover Up
164 bytes
27 Oct 2008
[no purpose header found]
author: r.v.d.zee
Discussion posts: 16. Latest by: marosol on 23-Feb.
84.2 KB
3 Jan 2011
SQL-PROTOCOL is a SQL Relationnal Database Management System (RDBMS) entirely written in REBOL with JOIN and SORT capability. This allow you having an easy to use lightweight database engine embeded in your REBOL application. Today, sql-protocol execute only these kind of query : * SELECT ... FROM ... WHERE ... ORDER BY ... * INSERT ... INTO ... VALUES ... * [...]
author: marco
Discussion posts: 40. Latest by: marosol on 23-Feb.
VID1 for R3
113.6 KB
17 Apr 2022
Lets you use VID1 with R3
author: Marco Antoniazzi
Discussion posts: 22. Latest by: yurii101 on 23-Feb.
Markup language Dialect parser
32.2 KB
5 Feb 2005
To personally study the practicallity of Rebol being used as bridge between browsers and markup languages.
author: daniel murrill
Discussion posts: 106. Latest by: makeyourmood on 22-Feb.
REBOL Blogger
39.0 KB
11 Jul 2007
The blog system written and used by Carl Sassenrath, REBOL's creator. This script will let you post and update blogs on your website using just a web browser. Generates summary and index pages, blog searches, etc. Extensible with Makedoc2 for more formatting options.
author: Carl Sassenrath
Discussion posts: 38. Latest by: marosol on 21-Feb.
Dialect Object Model
61.9 KB
4 Jun 2022
%Rebol-DOM.r mdlparser.r is a copy of the %Rebol-DOM.r mdlparser. The first copy would not download so i appended the *.r to it, wich seemed to make it able to become downloadable now. So...., down load it and tell me all about its glorious [...]
author: daniel
Discussion posts: 232. Latest by: yusef92400 on 19-Feb.
Auto-hiding scroller style example
14.4 KB
14 Nov 2020
Add an auto-hiding scroller to VID GUIs
author: Marco Antoniazzi
Discussion posts: 11. Latest by: ahmedsayeed1 on 18-Feb.
36.7 KB
17 Nov 2013
icon for vid-build.rEasily create VID guis
author: Marco Antoniazzi
Discussion posts: 20. Latest by: sandy76 on 15-Feb.
better-than-nothing sqlite3 handler
5.7 KB
30 Jan 2006
easy access to sqlite3 database without /Pro or /Command features
author: Piotr Gapinski
Discussion posts: 74. Latest by: annasmith on 9-Feb.
Demonstration of a Package on
978 bytes
13 Aug 2004
Demonstration of a package, and competition
author: Sunanda
Discussion posts: 32. Latest by: builder16 on 9-Feb.
Code 3 of 9 (Code 39) Barcode Generator
2.6 KB
17 Apr 2006
Generates Code 39 barcode images which can be printed out and read with a standard barcode reader. Code 39 is limited to the alphanumeric characters listed in the 'code39 block within the function. It is a very popular barcode format in the US and doesn't need to conform to any particular length of characters and has no limitations placed on it by any sanctioning [...]
author: Bohdan Lechnowsky
Discussion posts: 151. Latest by: builder16 on 9-Feb.
Dialect Object Model
56.8 KB
7 Nov 2023
Use an exstensible, Rebol user-mode, Markup function to parse DSL's that will return an easy to follow tagged key value Dialect Object Model. It will allow different DSL's or programming languages to work with, or together through a Central Processing interpreter. Yes Rebol/Core. A demo example of a HTML DSL is parsed by [...]
author: daniel murrill
Discussion posts: 603. Latest by: bobbycodes on 8-Feb.
Sqlite 3.X rebol wrapper try
7.8 KB
21 Sep 2004
Sqlite wrapper in Rebol.
author: Juan-Carlos Miranda
Discussion posts: 18. Latest by: dorischappel on 6-Feb.
32.7 KB
17 Apr 2021
Helps test short programs (substitutes console)
author: Marco Antoniazzi
Discussion posts: 49. Latest by: yurii101 on 5-Feb.
Sort by multiple keys
2.4 KB
17 Apr 2006
Function to sort series with more than one field per record, by multiple keys, in any position and in ascending or descending order each one of them.
author: Cesar Chavez
Discussion posts: 9. Latest by: crutcherhuyn on 3-Feb.
Area with scrollers style
13.7 KB
27 Sep 2004
This is a new area style with possible vertical and/or horizontal scrollers. It allow selection of text outside the viewable area and have a read-only mode.
author: Didier Cadieu (alias DideC)
Discussion posts: 22. Latest by: crutcherhuyn on 3-Feb.
FastCGI Broker
2.6 KB
15 Dec 2005
Rebol script broker for a hooked rebol interpreter launched as a FastCGI application. This is the root script which runs others scripts on request of the FastCGI peer. This enables REBOL/Core or REBOL/View to act as a FastCGI application without the need for REBOL/Command. This script only works on Windows with a patched REBOL interpreter. Details available at [...]
author: Pascal Hurni
Discussion posts: 34. Latest by: crutcherhuyn on 3-Feb.
CGI common procedures
8.0 KB
10 Nov 2011
This is a collection of functions that could be used in a CGI program. There is nothing in this module that has not been done better by others, but the code is more heavily annotated for beginners. Separate documentation explains how to use the functions. The comments should be helpful also. None of this is my original creation. I just assembled and annotated, [...]
author: Steven White
Discussion posts: 18. Latest by: janwil on 2-Feb.
Calendar and Scheduler
8.1 KB
10 Jul 2008
A simple calendar application.
author: Sterling Newton
Discussion posts: 43. Latest by: yusef92400 on 31-Jan.
1.2 KB
8 Nov 2006
Convert a binary file to a series of floats and back
author: Glenn M. Lewis
Discussion posts: 66. Latest by: yusef92400 on 31-Jan.
File globbing module and dialect
30.2 KB
19 Oct 2006
Given a file spec, and optional criteria for date, size, and attributes, the FILE-LIST function returns a block of files that match the spec and criteria. It is also a test-bed for how to integrate dialects with one-another. There are sub-dialects for date, size, and attribute tests, and FILE-LIST encapsulates those, along [...]
author: Gregg Irwin
Discussion posts: 49. Latest by: saruonhosari on 26-Jan.
CGI wrapper function for debugging
2.6 KB
7 Jan 2005
Provides debugging info for scripts running as a CGI under a webserver
author: Sunanda
Discussion posts: 119. Latest by: saruonhosari on 26-Jan.
Decode Charset Function
910 bytes
13 Mar 2003
Converts 'charset values to something readable
author: Nenad Rakocevic
Discussion posts: 12. Latest by: saruonhosari on 26-Jan.
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